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Be Fabulous At Any Age

Ageless Health & Beauty

Elisabeth Thieriot’s new book Be Fabulous At Any Age reveals secrets for achieving longevity, health and well-being through seasonal living. Drawing upon proven science and lifestyle experience, Thieriot’s system is based upon changing seasons and circadian rhythms, which greatly affect both outer beauty and internal balance and reunites the mind, body, and soul.
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Replete Seasonal Skincare

I’m not the first to notice the seasonal effect on our bodies, but I’m the first to create skincare for true seasonal support for our skin. My skin care line specializes in botanical skin care made from exotic plant extracts from around the world. It provides you with the nutrients to help restore your body’s natural balance. This seasonal skincare will nourish and hydrate your skin during the spring, summer, autumn and winter. These groundbreaking seasonal formulas are symbiotic in relationships with our seasonal biorhythms. They are 100% natural, and over 90% of the ingredients are used by our skin.
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World Fashion Magazine

FSHN (Fashionable, Sexy, Haute & Nouveau) is a world fashion magazine headquartered in San Francisco, CA. We cover fashion from North & South America, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. We are distributed in print all over the US West Coast & New York and available digitally all over the world.
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Mayan Revelations and Hollywood Lies

Mayan revelations

In April of 2012, a group of filmmakers set out to discover two things related to the Mayan Long Count Calendar's end: a relationship to extraterrestrials and a relationship to the future of the planet. Through THIERIOT'S visual diary which illustrates the positive use of intention, the audience will see how the choices that are ahead of us and decision we will need to make will send us on the spiral upward for new calendar, b'aqtun 13; 12.21.12. The Mayan prophecies show us the way from a fear-based life to life-affirming prosperity.
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Decoding B'aqtun

Decoding baqtun

“B’aqtun” is the term for the last cycle of the Mayan calendar. ”Decoding B’aqtun” will address the prophecies on the end of the world, which were generated based upon apocalyptic visions, tales and legends. Shot in Guatemala, the film uncovers previously unseen Mayan artifacts from the sites of Tikal and Quirigua in Guatemala. Thieriot hosted a Q&A session for the Head Elder of the Mayan Council, Apolinario Chile Pixtun, for friends and media at her home, Lions Gate in Tiburon, CA.
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